Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Fresh new UI 🖼️ and Improvements
What's new:
  • UI overhaul with tab previews
  • Sort by: Grid View and Stacked View
  • Past Reminders Page (History)
  • Improved settings page and preset flow
  • Onboarding flow
Much more to come to Pondr V2, stay tuned!




V1.2.0 Update 🛠️

Bug fixes and improvements
What's included:
  • Mobile Notifications bug patched
  • Preset Queues now appear on Google Calendar
Bug fixes and improvements
Whats included:
  • Optimized algorithm for instant scheduling with Pondr button
  • 11:59pm Pondr button bug resolved
  • Preset 1 and 2 now given default value of: 1hr Delay and Next Monday (customize in settings)
Available now on the Chrome Web Store:
What's included:
  • Google Calendar Integration
  • Automatic Queued Tabs Reminder
  • 2 Customizable Preset Reminders
  • Home Screen/Agenda View
  • Queued Tabs Library
  • Tab Rescheduling